Becoming Eddie

Ed Lee, writer at 11 years old.

When you were a kid, did you ever feel lonely? Like you didn’t quite fit in? That you wanted to be a part of something? To what lengths would you have gone to become popular?

Welcome to Becoming Eddie. It’s a comedy short about a Korean American boy in a 1980s suburb who wishes to become popular with his mostly white classmates – at least as popular as his foul-mouthed standup comedy hero. But when his wish comes true, he faces unexpected and outrageous consequences.

From the comedic minds of director Lilan Bowden (Andi Mack, Parks and Recreation), writer/producer Ed Lee (wrote for comedians Drew Carey, Chelsea Handler, Patton Oswalt, and more), Joyce Liu-Countryman (Days of Our Lives, Eat with Me) and producer Helen Hong (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Untitled Jessica Gao Project, Go Fact Yourself Podcast).

Our cameras start rolling in June 2019. Please join us on our journey by following on Facebook and Instagram.