The Life and Times of Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was an extremely inventive guy who was always looking for new methods to expand his fortune. He was always trying new things. He excelled academically, was a pilot, and was successful in the film business. It wasn’t until later in life, after coming to Las Vegas, that he realized his actual calling in the hotel and casino sector, which ultimately earned him hundreds of millions of dollars in income. Prior to that, he had been unsuccessful in finding his true calling.

Soon, he would bring about a transformation that would alter Las Vegas’s reputation for all time by acquiring a number of resorts and other pieces of real estate from organized crime. Hughes is largely responsible for the perception that Las Vegas is today a city loaded with wealth and glitz rather than one that is rife with depravity and hopelessness.

Age of childhood

When Howard Robard Hughes Jr. entered the world, it was the evening before Christmas in the year 1905. His mother’s name was Allene Stone Gano, and his father’s name was Howard Robard Hughes Sr. Howard Robard Hughes Sr. was the inventor of the two-cone bit drill, which made drilling for petroleum substantially simpler and brought in millions of dollars in income. His son was born in Humble, Texas. His mother’s name was Howard Robard Hughes Jr.

Even when he was young, Hughes shown a remarkable capacity for innovation. He constructed Houston’s first wireless radio transmitter when he was only eleven years old, and by the time he was twelve, he had designed his very own powered bicycle. Hughes was very good at arithmetic, and he put his math talents to use in the development of many of his innovations, both at the time and in the future.

Hughes was just sixteen years old when his mother passed away due to problems that she had throughout her pregnancy. Hughes was left an orphan after his father passed away from a sudden heart attack just around two short years later, leaving him to inherit the whole of the family money.

Earlier Attempts at Starting a Business

Hughes had been attending the illustrious Rice University at the time, but he gladly withdrew his enrollment in order to take over the family business, which was called “Hughes Tool Company.” Hughes eliminated the possibility of having joint ownership of the business by purchasing all of his family’ shares in the corporation.

Over the course of his career, Hughes engaged in a wide range of businesses, funding his endeavors with profits earned from his namesake company, Hughes Tool Company. In 1930, Howard Hughes made his debut in Hollywood as a film director and producer. The films Hell’s Angels, Scarface, and The Outlaw brought him the greatest notoriety and made him a household name.

Hughes also established the Hughes Aircraft Company, which was responsible for the design, construction, and evaluation flights of the aircraft. Hughes was one of the qualified engineers that worked on the project. Hughes established a number of aviation records, but perhaps the one that brought him the most notoriety was his achievement of completing a fly around the globe in the shortest amount of time. In just 91 hours, he was able to complete this task.

Unanticipated Fallout

Hughes was fortunate enough to escape many aircraft disasters, but in 1946 he was in the most devastating aviation accident he had ever been in. He crashed his airplane into a house in the Beverly Hills neighborhood, and as a result, almost every bone in his body was either shattered or broken. Because of the severe agony he was experiencing, his doctor gave him morphine. Unfortunately, over time, he developed an addiction to not just morphine but also other painkillers.

He had always suffered from paranoia and obsessive compulsive disorder, but once his drug addiction forced him to dwell in solitude, his symptoms became steadily worse. His paranoia and OCD had always been there. Even though Hughes was in a lot of pain and suffering, he was always considering new ways that he might increase his money.

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