Sorry it’s confusing. If the webpage says Designation: VMA Short Film Fund, you’re at the right place!!

Please be assured that if you make a donation using this link, your fund will be directed toward Becoming Eddie through the VMA Short Film Fund which, even though it sounds vague, is our own fund to make our movie and no one else’s movie. If you have questions about your gift, call 617-824-8542 or email

If you’ve ever felt like the awkward outsider and you want to help us turn this shared experience into comedy gold, please donate generously to our production.

Not only will you benefit from the tax-deductible gift but you’ll be helping to entertain and enlighten audiences around the world about Asian American identity stories while breaking down barriers through the universal message that “you’re okay just the way you are.”

But, wait…are you the type that likes to go above and beyond?  You know you are (you secret overachiever, you). Here’s how you take your donation to a whole ‘nother level.  If you work for an employer who might offer a grant to match your contribution, here’s what you do:

  • Contact your Human Resources department to request a match grant from your company and complete your company’s process. OR:
  • If you know your company matches employees’ donations via an online site, enter your donation amount and the Tax ID number for Emerson College into that site.  You may have to ask your HR person or search your company’s intranet for that URL.

The Tax ID for Emerson College is: 04-1286950.

With or without matching funds, within 48 hours after your donation is received, you’ll receive a receipt for your Tax Deductible Charitable Donation (501c3) from Emerson College, the fiscal sponsor for our film, that you’ll keep for your tax filing in 2020.

Are there other perks of giving?  Of course there are! We’re Asian, we believe in gifts.

Here are the perks by donation level:

All Donors

  • 1. Will see your name on screen in the closing credits of the film
  • 2. Will be credited in (THE bible of Hollywood credits)
  • 3. Can apply your donation towards next year’s tax deductions
  • 4. Can double your impact through matching grants for your donations

Associate Producer Level ($1000 and up)

  • 1-4. All perks listed above PLUS:
  • 5. Autographed photo by our director, Andi Mack’s Lilan Bowden
  • 6. Autographed 11″ x 17″ Becoming Eddie Movie Poster

Co-Producer Level ($2500 and up)

  • 1-6. All perks listed above PLUS:
  • 7. A one-hour Skype Consultation Call w/ either Ed Lee (screenwriting), Lilan Bowden (acting) or Joyce Liu-Countryman (producing)

Executive Producer Level ($5000 and up)

  • 1-7. All perks listed above PLUS:
  • 8. Your name in the opening credits
  • 9. Invitation to meet our cast and crew on set during filming*

Gold Executive Producer Level ($7500) and up)

  • 1-9. All perks of the Executive Producer level PLUS:
  • 10. Tickets to a taping of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! as a special guest of Helen Hong*
  • 11. Chance to meet the host, announcer and panelists during that taping

Platinum Executive Producer Level ($10,000 and up)

  • 1-11. All perks of the Gold Executive Producer level PLUS:
  • 12. Your name credited prominently on its own card in the opening credits
  • 13. Name and Executive Producer credit on posters and promotional material
  • 14. Invitation to premiere screening*
  • 15. Chance to meet the host, announcer and panelists during the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! taping*

Co-Production ($20,000 and up)

  • 1-15. All perks of the Platinum Executive Producer level PLUS:
  • 16. Company credit at beginning of film with “In association with”
  • 17. Company credit listed on film poster and all promotional material
  • 18. Invitation to select festival premieres*

*Travel and lodging expenses not included.

Every dollar of your tax deductible donation goes directly to the making of the film.

Why are you waiting? We have finished filming, but we need to raise thousands of dollars more in order to cover our debts from production and to pay for postproduction expenses: editing, sound, effects, titles, digitization, closed captioning, and everything else that will go into making this a world class film. Please give!

Thank you so much for your support! Lots of love from the Becoming Eddie team.